Enhance your images with the AI Background Creator

  • Oct 25, 2023
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Are you looking to enhance your images with glamorous wallpapers? Discover the power of an AI background generator! A good background plays an important role in making your photo attractive. In this article, let's first understand what a background generator is, its benefits, and how it speeds up the workflow. Also, let's all discover which AI background generator can turn your images into captivating works of art.
Enhance your images with the AI Background Creator

Tips for creating the perfect background

What is a background generator? It refers to a tool that can create images and background designs. We all know that eye-catching designs take a lot of effort and time to create. First, you need to remove the original background of the photo before you can edit it properly. It even requires good editing skills to ensure it fits the product. Luckily, these generators allow you to create wallpapers. They can automatically erase the background of an image and apply a new image. Additionally, using a background generator is much cheaper than paying for pre-existing backgrounds, filming fees, or costly filming time.

Background Generator is useful for individuals and businesses who want to quickly create visually appealing wallpapers. They can save time and effort compared to creating wallpaper from scratch using graphic design software. Furthermore, they are more cost-effective than other software. Finally, even beginners or those with limited editing skills now have the opportunity to create stunning images in just a few steps.

Here are some tips for your subject photo before uploading it to the best AI background generator:

  • Optimal image size: smaller or heavily compressed images may result in lower-quality output.
  • Well-lit product images: Lighting plays an important role. Make sure the product is well lit and displayed in the best way possible.
  • Make sure the product is fully visible. For optimal results, make sure the entire product is visible in the photo. If any part is obscured or cut off, the output may not meet your desired standards.


Price: Free

Wallpapers created for each category: 2 wallpapers

If you want a complete image created by AI, ImgBG has a background eraser and now an AI background generator. Enhanced by advanced AI technology, it ensures a natural background for your subject images with natural lighting and shadows. So far, you can choose wallpaper from the 14 different scenes available. Furthermore, it can adapt to any product photo or theme to ensure the final image looks as natural as possible.


  • Best for product photos
  • Free to use
  • Add shadow and light naturally.
  • Fast processing speed usually only takes a few seconds.


  • Only create two backgrounds at a time.


Price: 9.99 USD/month

Wallpapers created for each category: 8 wallpapers

Photoroom is an AI background generator that creates photo-realistic backgrounds in seconds. It provides an easy process to create backgrounds instantly. Users just need to upload any image, and it will generate a background instantly. Photoroom highlights the use of backdrops for product photos. Their AI algorithm can recognize and adapt to the image subject. As a result, it creates a background that matches the lighting of the product photo.


  • Provides several presets and moods.
  • Also provides other editing tools.


  • It will not let you preview the background in the free version.


Price: Free (Pro version: $12.99/month)

Wallpapers created for each category: 4 wallpapers

Just like other photo editing apps, Canva now offers a free AI background generator that turns text into images. With this, you can turn your ideas and imagination into beautiful and interesting wallpapers. It also presents several style options that you can choose from. This includes watercolor, neon, film, flashback wave, and pencil. Additionally, you can set the aspect ratio or choose preset sizes for different documents or social media sites.


  • Also provides AI-generated images.
  • It allows you to customize the image background.


  • It takes some time to create an AI platform.


Price: Free (Pro version: $8.99/month)

Wallpapers created for each category: 15 wallpapers

Fotor is a reliable AI background generator. It also adapts the text-to-image function to create photo backgrounds in seconds. In addition to preset patterns and styles, users can also choose solid-colored backgrounds. In addition, Fotor can also create Zoom backgrounds with many built-in themes. Additionally, its AI technology allows you to create 3D backgrounds for the game. You can also share the created image background online.


  • Allows you to download the original size and quality for the Pro version.
  • There are over hundreds of built-in styles and themes.


  • Free users can only get the compressed quality of the images.


Price: $11/month

Wallpapers created for each category: 4 wallpapers

Mokker is considered one of the best AI background generators. Why? This tool offers many preset styles and moods for you to choose from. Additionally, it can generate four random patterns in case you're not sure which one you like. Furthermore, Mokker allows you to download an enhanced version of the theme images. Here, you can choose to download images in HD quality.


  • The trial period offers 20 images created for free.
  • Images can be created within seconds.


  • Editing tools are limited.


Price: Free (Pro version: $9.99/month)

Wallpapers created for each category: 4 wallpapers

Another free AI background generator is Pixelcut. Like the other tools here, it gives you a ton of designs to choose from. You can choose from the different moods and landscapes provided to enhance your subject photos. Additionally, it can download all generated backgrounds at once. Furthermore, users can collaborate with their colleagues to edit images if necessary. You can also try out its preset images to practice creating AI wallpapers for free.


  • Available for Android and iOS smartphones
  • It is easy to use and will create images in seconds.


  • Potential loss of image quality

 AI background generator can be a game changer for enhancing your images. The background of an image is of significant importance. It sets the tone, enhances the theme, and creates a visually appealing composition. With the power of AI, you can easily transform your photos into captivating backgrounds. It will enhance the overall aesthetic and make your images stand out. Unlock a new level of creativity and make your images truly unforgettable