How to remove the background from the logo

  • Nov 03, 2023
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This article will help you know why it is necessary to remove logo background and understand, a background removal website.
How to remove the background from the logo

A good logo will make or break a brand. In fact, for the average person, a logo is a brand. It's a visual identifier for them to know and recognize a company and an indication of whether they trust the products or services enough to buy them. From attracting potential customers to ensuring customer trust and loyalty, logos are invaluable to a brand's success.
People won't always see your work completely and unhindered. This is especially true for product designs, as items may be placed on shelves, cabinets, or other unsightly displays. Since your logo will appear on every branded item you produce, it's doubly important that your logo passes the Squint Test. One of the ways to do this is to remove all background elements from your logo design, even seemingly innocuous things like a white background.

Why does your logo need to be transparent?

Your logo will go everywhere. The background, even a solid color, won't look good on everything. It limits your creative choices or makes your design look messy and unprofessional.

Transparent logo with no background. It's easier to place anywhere on your website, use across all your social media posts and promotional materials, and incorporate into your products and packaging.

Where can I remove the background from my logo?

There's no shortage of options when it comes to removing any background from your logo.

1) is a dedicated website for automatically removing the background from your images. Use this platform to quickly and easily extract your logo and create a new transparent image file ready to appear on any website, social media, or branded item. Because is specifically designed to remove backgrounds, it does so faster and more seamlessly than other general editing tools.

2) Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a popular editing tool that ensures clean background removal, no matter how complex your logo is. In Photoshop, you can use tools like Magic Eraser or Smart Lasso to select the background and remove it from the photo instantly. You can use more advanced tools, such as a pen, to manually extract your images using sharp lines.

How do I remove the background from my logo?

Let's say you designed an icon that perfectly passes the Squint Test with flying colors, but you exported it with a background. Or maybe you're new to the company and only have access to an old logo file with a solid background. Whatever the case, there's no need to worry. With the right tools, extracting your logo and saving it in a suitable, transparent file format can be done in just a few clicks.

Option 1:

1. Go to and click > Upload image.

2. Select your logo file, and the tool will automatically start the background removal process.

3. That's it! You should now have a new, background-less image in just a moment. Click Download to save your file as a transparent PNG.
You can download your file absolutely free from

Option 2: Adobe Photoshop

1. On Adobe Photoshop, click > Open or press > Ctrl/Command + O to open the file browser. Select your logo file.

2. On the Layers panel, select your image file, then click > Copy or press > Ctrl/Command + J. Copying an image makes it easier to start over if you make a big mistake.

3. Check that you have selected a duplicate layer. Consider renaming, locking, or hiding layers to avoid accidental editing.

Use the correct background removal tool.

Photoshop has different options for how you can remove the background from a logo image, depending on the complexity of the design.

Tool 1: Remove background

This option is ideal for simple logos (cubes, etc.) or for users who don't need sharp, clean edges.

With your clone layer selected, navigate to Window, click Properties, and then Quick Actions.

Click > Remove background.

Tool 2: Magic Wand

This tool gives you more control over which parts of your photo to remove, using artificial intelligence to analyze the image's pixels. This is especially effective if your logo has special elements such as strong contrasting colors or sharp, clean lines.

To use this feature, press > W or navigate to the tool panel, press and hold the > Selection icon to toggle other selection options, and click the > Magic Wand tool.

With the Magic Wand tool, click on the parts of the photo you want to delete. You can expand the area it covers by pressing Shift as you click more areas. Conversely, you can delete selected sections by pressing > Alt (Windows) or Option (MacOS). Press Backspace or Delete to completely remove selected areas from your photo.

Additionally, you can click the mask button to create a layer mask. This will allow you to remove or re-add parts of the photo by toggling the brush tool (B).

Painting your image black will hide (or "hide") the selected area. On the contrary, white will reveal these hidden parts. Using a vector mask gives you more control over what parts you want to hide or clean up.

Tool 3:  Background Eraser

Another nifty tool in Photoshop's arsenal is the Background Eraser, which you can toggle by pressing > E or navigating to the tools panelpressing and holding the Eraser icon, and selecting > Background Eraser.

Using AI technology, Background Remover analyzes your image and identifies the subject and background. Advanced controls can give you more accurate results. Experiment with brush sizes, limits, and other toggles to get the best controls for your needs.

Tool 4: Pen Tool

Finally, use the pen tool to make the most precise selections, no matter how complex your logo design is. Switch this tool by pressing > P or clicking > Pen tool icon.
Keep in mind that the pen tool may require a learning curve because of its versatility. It makes choices based on the individual points you will place, which you can further adjust to curve or straighten as needed.

Create a selection around your logo, and close it by clicking on the first point you placed. Once done, right-click in the editor and select > Make Selection to turn the Pen tool "path" into the appropriate selection.
In the next dialog box, adjust the settings to soften or sharpen the edges of your selection. Once the selection is transformed (as shown by the moving lines), you can remove the background or create a vector mask.

Remove the logo background by following our tips and tricks.

Removing the background from your logo is a must. Luckily, design tools like make this process simple and free all without affecting the quality of the final product.

So, take your old logo, use modern technology like to remove the background easily, and save it as a high-quality, background-less image, ready to beautify your website, product, or service. or your business.