Top 6 online background removal websites in 2023

  • Oct 09, 2023
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The top 6 free AI tools of 2023 to simply background removal from your photographs. Improve your photo editing skills for free.
Top 6 online background removal websites in 2023


Currently, there are many image editing websites, from simple to advanced. However, not all websites support free users. The support tools are relatively complex, requiring a lot of specialized techniques as well as taking time to download to your computer when you need to save time and do it quickly online. Understanding these desires,  Imgbg will reveal to you the top 6 best online background removal websites. With just a few clicks, you already own an artistic photo.

What is background removal? Why should you use a font removal website?

“Removing background” (also known as “removing background” or “inserting a new background”) is the process of removing the background of an image to create an image with a transparent background or replacing it with another background. The purpose of background blur is to create high-quality images, graphics, or visually appealing products. Normally, the background removal process will be done using image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. Besides, you can also use special online tools, such as font removal, on online websites to perform this editing process.



The benefits of using an online website for background removal may include:

Easy to use: There is no need to install software or have deep knowledge of image editing; you can directly use online tools without difficulty.

Save time and resources: There is no need to learn about complicated tools; you can quickly process images without spending a lot of time.

Access from anywhere: You can use online tools from any Internet-connected device, from computers to mobile phones.

Customization options: Font removal sites often offer editing options, so you can customize the results to suit your needs.

No in-depth knowledge is required. If you are not an expert in image editing, these online tools can help you achieve relatively good results without having to learn much about the complicated techniques.

The top 6 effective online background removal websites


If you are looking for a website to quickly and qualityly remove backgrounds from portrait photos, is the ideal tool that you should not miss. This is a free website that is simple to use but has extremely diverse features, especially the ability to automatically remove backgrounds from photos in just 5 seconds and a few clicks.

Right at the homepage, click to select an image from your computer or enter the URL of the image on the website. The photo will be quickly processed according to your request. Results return in just 5 seconds. Then, you can download it to your computer in PNG format, ensuring sharp image quality. It is known that used "sophisticated AI technology" to distinguish foreground and background. At the same time, the impressive algorithms installed on the website can help you improve the results for the best image details and sharpness in each color array.


Outstanding advantages

  • The website supports background separation for all photos completely free of charge.
  • The tool does it 100% automatically; you don't need to select the background or foreground layer manually. You just need to select a photo and get results in 5 seconds.
  • Friendly interface, easy to use, does not require technical skills or professional editing knowledge.
  • It can be used online and does not need to create an account or download tools to the device.
  • is a great choice, optimizing time and improving efficiency for designers, photographers, or all individual users.
  • Your images are uploaded to the website and edited via a secure SSL/TLS-encrypted connection. They are temporarily stored, so you can download them to your device. After about 1 hour, the image file will be permanently deleted from the server, preventing the image from being leaked or used for any other purpose.



  2. Piscart

Picsart is currently an outstanding website in the field of professional image and video editing, especially the online background removal feature that is super quality and fast without the need for lengthy operations. Users just need to download the image to be edited; the tool automatically calculates and processes it, and your photo background will immediately be completely removed.

Considered a quality background removal website, Picsart can help you remove images with complex backgrounds such as hair, broken glass, etc. You can delete them or easily restore the background positions. optional. With Picsart, users immediately have a tool to edit and create unique effects for images and videos that can be done right on a smartphone.



Outstanding advantages

  • Feel free to create photos and combine them from multiple photos quickly and artistically; this is not inferior to professional software.
  • You can add effects, crop images, adjust skin color and fonts, and many other effects.
  • Provides more than 3 million stickers for you to freely edit.
  • Unique image creation mode and quick sharing while still ensuring photo quality on social networks
  • Design your own stickers.
  • Draw with hunting aids without paper or brushes.



  1. Clipping Magic

The next name in the top 6 online background removal websites that you should not miss is Clipping Magic. When you need to remove the background of a photo and do not want to download or install any additional software, Clipping Magic is the ideal website for you. This tool will automatically remove the background of your photos after you upload them to the website. You can easily get a photo with a transparent background; just select the area you want to erase from the photo.



Outstanding advantages

  • Professional image editing and background removal tool, completely free in just a few seconds.
  • The operation is quick; users just need to download images and wait for quality results.
  • Attractive, intuitive interface, attracting a large number of users globally.
  • Comprehensive image color control, and reasonable adjustment of brightness, shadows, highlights, color temperature, etc. make the image the most delicate and professional.
  • Images can be shared easily without changing their quality.


  1. Photoscissors

Normally, removing backgrounds from photos is done using tools in Photoshop software. However, not every user can use a complex tool that requires professional skills. Or they don't want to install heavy software that slows down their computer's performance. That's why Photoscissors was born, helping you remove image backgrounds online easily and quickly.

You just need to select the image and the background in the photo you want to delete. Photoscissors will help you do it automatically and produce results immediately. At the same time, this website also helps you edit detailed images, no longer retaining any scratches or blurriness of the old background on the photo. Besides, photo scissors also automatically apply anti-blur filters so that the details in the image will be as sharp and clear as possible.


Outstanding advantages

  • Photoscissors can edit and remove backgrounds with all types of images at any size.
  • Improved new painting algorithm to reproduce wallpaper.
  • Basic background removal algorithms have been upgraded to be better.
  • Supports cutting unnecessary objects from photos with just a few clicks.
  • Erase the background around the hair easily. Photoscissors can handle complex semi-transparent objects such as hair and erase portrait backgrounds easily, while other tools have to process each pixel, which is quite time-consuming.
  • Supports uploading images quickly, which can be shared on social networking sites.
  • Supports popular image formats such as PNG, JPG, etc.



  1. InPixio

This is a smart and very easy-to-use online background removal website. InPixio is known as a free website, that optimizes the photo background removal feature for users. All images can be downloaded from your device or stored online via a URL link. You just need to upload the image to the website, and InPixio will automatically process the background separation quickly. Your job is to select the area you want to delete and wait for the results that the website brings extremely quickly.

With InPixio, a blurry photo can be easily converted into a detailed, high-resolution photo, highlighting important details in the photo. In just a blink of an eye, the website can help you edit images professionally in a short time. You can combine the dimming feature with brightness and contrast adjustments to create artistic effects on photos, drawing attention to a specific photo area.


Outstanding advantages

  • A friendly interface does not require professional photo editing skills, so it is suitable for all users.
  • Supports a variety of image formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, JpegXR,...
  • Maintain clarity and enlarge the image accordingly.
  • Create professional effects and quality images.
  • It supports cutting, merging, rotating, and editing everything on the photo as the user wishes.
  • You are allowed to add images and available stickers to your images.
  • Separating image backgrounds down to the smallest details gives amazingly accurate results.



  1. Lunapic

The last name that closes the top 6 online photo background removal websites is Lunapic. Integrating modern AI technology, Lunapic allows users to automatically remove photo backgrounds with just a few simple steps to immediately have a transparent background photo as desired. At the same time, Lunapic also supports replacing any wallpaper you want and designing it as required. To edit photos on Lunapic, you do not need to register an account or download the application to your device. All you need to do is visit the website and upload images, and all the remaining work will be done automatically by Lunapic.



Outstanding advantages

  • Lunapic background removal and backgrounds are 100% automatic in just a few seconds and a few clicks.
  • Integrating AI technology and smart algorithms helps users save a lot of time editing photos while ensuring good quality.
  • It supports a variety of image formats to upload and download to your computer, such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, JPEGXR,...
  • The interface is beautiful, accessible, and free for users.
  • Easily share images in many different places while still ensuring photo quality.



Above are the top 6 best online background removal websites that Imgbg has compiled to send to you. Hopefully, the sharing has helped you choose your own website to edit photos, creating extremely impressive artistic photos without taking too much time to make. Good luck!


Frequently asked questions


Can I use a website to remove fonts on mobile phones?

Yes, of course! Currently, there are many background removal websites that have optimized their interfaces to work on mobile devices.

Can images edited on online websites be shared on Facebook?

You can share on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Zalo, etc. easily while still keeping the image quality as clear as possible.

Is there a fee to use online font removal websites?

Most of the online font removal websites shared by Imgbg in the article provide free user support. However, to be able to use many of the tool's professional features, you can pay to upgrade the tool to serve your own needs.

Can I use a website to remove fonts on mobile phones?

Have! Many background removal websites have optimized their interfaces to work on mobile devices.